5 Little Extras To Transform Your Wedding ReceptionPlanning the biggest day of you and your partners lies can be both extremely exciting and utterly exhausting. From the cake to the dress, the photographer to the place settings, there is a crazy amount of things to prepare for the big day.

One of the most fun things about planning your wedding is discovering things which will make it truly memorable for everyone and putting in the extra work to make sure that is the case.

If you are struggling to find that little sprinkle of magic, fear not, here’s five little extras to transform your wedding reception.

Luxury Portable Toilets

Holding a wedding reception outside can throw up a lot of extra issues that a traditional indoor wedding wouldn’t.

One of the biggest issues is providing somewhere to use the toilet. Holding your wedding in a beautiful country hotel means that the restrooms will likely be very comfortable and spacious, this normal contrasts quite horrifically against those tiny blue boxes that pass for portable toilets.

Thankfully, the world of portable toilets has changed massively if you’re happy to spend a little extra. There are now lots of luxury portable toilets which you can hire which are so lovely inside your guests will forget they are outside at all.

To get an idea of the difference in quality between the standard portable toilet and a luxury portable toilet, take a look at Event Washrooms.

Personalised Signs

Whether you’re holding your wedding reception in a hotel or marquee, the one challenge you have is making the venue personalised. Many other people have likely been married there, so you’d want to make sure things look a little different for your special day.

One of the ways to achieve this is by creating some personalised signs. These could be in the style of a road traffic sign, the same as the street you live on or grew up on or maybe in the logo state of your favourite band.

Whatever your favoured style, you could position them around the venue, guiding your guests to different rooms and facilities, perhaps with a personalised message on each.

Take a look at Personalised Creations for a bit of inspiration and let your imagination run wild!

Light Up Letters

Another way to add that personal touch to your venue on the big day is to hire some big bold lighting creations.

There are lots of options out there to check out such as those offered by Light It Up UK who have letters, shapes and numbers for you to create the perfect backdrop for your reception.

Imagine your initials lit up in 4 feet tall lights on the stage of your reception or set up as the backdrop to a beautiful photo area, amazing!

Polaroid Guest Book

Clearly, you’re going to document the biggest day of your life with a professional photographer, but how about something a little more personal alongside it?

Get yourself a few Polaroid cameras and place one on each of the guest tables along with a scrapbook. Encourage guests to take a picture of themselves, stick it in a page of the book and write a note alongside it.

This gives everyone a chance to offer a slightly more personal comment which might otherwise not be possible in person because of how frantic the day will likely be.

Food Stalls

Often, when it’s time to eat at a wedding, it can often feel like something to get out the way rather than enjoy. So, why not make it more of a feature?

Why not try planning a number of street food vendors to serve a variety of delicious dishes from their stalls? This can make the food a great point of conversation and ensure your wedding is one all of your guests won’t forget for a very long time.

If you fancy something different to the routine buffet, take a look at places like streetfood.org.uk where you can find vendors serving every possible type of cuisine.