Couple on a beach at a destination weddingOnce you get engaged and begin planning the wedding of your dreams, aside from perhaps the dress, where you are actually going to tie the knot is more or less the first thing you and your partner need to think about. Will you get married in your local church? The park? Or how about on a beach?

A destination wedding is an amazing way to spend what is bound to be the most special day of your life. Let’s face it, weddings are quite a lot of effort, and are rather expensive events. Not just for you, but for your guests too! Why not justify all that cost by combining it with a dream holiday too?

If you still need convincing, here are five reasons why you should consider booking a destination wedding!

The location

It goes without saying that the actual destination itself is the number one reason to venture away from home! The world is your oyster!

Have you always longed to see the beautiful Caribbean beaches of Turks and Caicos or the stunning mountain views in Aspen? What about finally taking a cruise?

If you have always dreamed of visiting somewhere breathtakingly beautiful, your wedding is the perfect opportunity to finally tick something off your bucket list in the most special way possible.

There’s almost no limit to your options, so why let your dreams remain dreams? Make them a reality! It’s the most important day of your life, so don’t settle.

Guest list

Whether you want to invite your loved ones on what will probably be the best holiday of all of your lives, or you’re keen to keep it super intimate and invite absolutely nobody but the bride and groom, a destination wedding is the perfect excuse to control your guest list.

Destination weddings typically have around half as many guests as a wedding held closer to home, and it’s much easy to filter out the acquaintances who sometimes get invited out of awkwardness or obligation.

No need to feel guilty for not inviting your cousin’s new partner that you’ve never even met!

It’s also a lovely excuse to spend some quality time with the guests you do invite, as you typically have to arrive a few days before the ceremony for paperwork reasons… plenty of time to socialise before the big day and free yourself up from dashing around trying to catch up with everyone you haven’t seen in a while in one afternoon!

Picture perfect

Just think how incredible your wedding photos will be in your dream location! The scenery itself can often be all the decoration you need, and your photographer will have a very easy job capturing stunning memories!

You probably won’t need to worry about the weather ruining your shoot, and you’ll be able to take away incredible photos of you and your partner looking your best, with a backdrop to match!

Even the guests will have so many instagrammable shots of your big day. No filter required!

There’s no denying it, great views make for great memories.

Reduced stress

You have far less to worry about if you choose a destination wedding. All the usual wedding planning is usually relinquished to a professional, leaving you with the responsibilities of finding dresses, tuxes, and rings.

Most resorts offer on-site wedding planners as part of their packages, along with everyone from photographers and chefs.

With plentiful food and drink, and everything taken care of, all that’s left for you and your guests to do is relax and enjoy yourselves!

It’s unique

Let’s face it, you’ve probably been to the same wedding with a different bride and groom a handful of times. While you can certainly mix it up with themes and decorations, at the end of the day, most weddings start to get a bit samey.

Sure, it’s convenient, but does where you live really have the potential to provide your dream wedding?

A truly perfect location can really set your wedding apart, and make it memorable for both you and your partner, and your guests.

Your wedding will be the one everybody is talking about for years to come!