3 Reasons Why The Lake District Makes The Perfect Wedding Destination

One just has to see or have previously visited the Lake District to fall in love with its lush greenery, awe inspiring scenery and the warmth and rural charm of both its landscapes and locals. With the Lake District being a popular destination for Yorkshire couples we felt like giving this beautiful place a bit of a shoutout. For those yet to visit or discover one of the UK’s best loved regions though, here are three of the reasons why millions more don’t just choose to visit but why many of whom also choose to wed in the Lakes.

The Most Romantic Region – Literally and Literarily

Where in England is more romantic literarily as well as literally than the British Lake District? Spanning 2292 square kilometres (or 885 miles), the Lake District is a National Park and area of over half a million acres of recognised outstanding beauty located in the north West of England.
Deriving its name from the simple fact the region is home to a staggering amount of lakes, over 16 in fact, the largest and perhaps most famous it is home to is that of Lake Windermere, where William Wordsworth would when the Lake froze over in winter rush out with his ice skates in one hand and a kitchen chair in the other to skate its great expanses. The chair was for Dorothy, Wordsworth’s sister and famous diarist in her own right; Dorothy encumbered by her dress found it difficult to ice skate so her brother was often seen pushing her on a kitchen chair about the frozen lakes. Suffice to say, for a poet then and now, the Lake District is a magical and inspirational place. And this is exactly why so many artists, poets and creative types have and continue to be drawn to the region.
To learn more about the region that inspired the most famous and best loved poem in the English Language, and what that poem is for those who don’t already know, visit the Wordsworth Trust and Museum website. Whilst visiting the site, you can also take the opportunity to learn more about the region, after all, Wordsworth might have helped to popularise the Lakes, but the region has long been one synonymous with romance, natural wonder and continues in 2016 to enthral, entice and enchant those who continue to visit and holiday thee year on year. In fact, the Lake District welcomes over 17 million visitors every year who come to take in and awe over its almost 15,000 archaeological sites and ancient monuments, 1760 listed building and stunning architecture and explore, adventure and delight in its breath taking scenery.

The Best in English Country House Hotel Venues

Providing some of the most stunning architecture in Cumbria and most luxurious and quintessential English dwellings and country houses, it is no wonder why the majority of those who opt to wed in the Lake District do so within one of its many English country house hotels; one only has to see Cragwood Country House Hotel or Briery Wood Country House Hotel (to see both for yourself and see what we mean you can do so via the Lake District County Hotels website), to fall in love with these venues; offering the perfect mix of modern luxury and old world comfort and with grounds and views to guarantee the most magical wedding photographs, for those looking for a romantic, traditional English wedding in one of the country’s most idyllic regions, the Lake District makes a fantastic choice.
Further, the Lake District also makes the ideal region in which to remain after a wedding to enjoy a honeymoon. To learn why and what you could get up to, should you choose to linger in the Lakes after your big day and the bg adventures to be had in the region, visit the Go Lakes website. Suffice to say, the region is not just full of stunning scenery, lakes and mountains, but is also brimful with things to do whether you enjoy arts and crafts, fell walking, boating, shopping or are a couple of real foodies.

Inspiring Wedding Ideas and Special Touches

When it comes to furnishing weddings with a special touch, the Lake District has it covered; for example those in love with the Lakes might opt to gift favours of the Lake District Waterhead Bar & Grill roasted coffee beans as suggested via the English Lakes Blog feature: 8 Creative Wedding Favour Ideas, or opt for an even sweeter touch and indulge their guests with some Grasmere Gingerbread hearts.
Another great idea for a Lake District wedding is to consider reading a romantic poem at your ceremony or reception, such as Romantic poet, Lord Byron’s: She Walks in Beauty, which you can read via the Poetry Foundation website or some Keats (another Poet of the Romantic Period) whose poem from Endymion is actually one of the Poetry Foundation Editor’s Own Wedding Poem Picks.
Lastly, no Lake District wedding would be complete without taking inspiration rather literally from the absolute wealth of greenery and lush botany the Lakes have to offer. Hence, when choosing your own wedding flower arrangements consider opting for a Lakes grown arrangement such as those created by The Floristry. Situated in Staveley, The Floristry is one of the most popular Lake District florist’s and proving so popular with wedding couples in recent years that they also make and provide equally stunning, Lake’s made wedding cakes.