Winter wedding styled shoot at Kirkham Priory

We’re delighted to feature this magical winter styled shoot at Kirkham Abbey in North Yorkshire.  Find out what the photographer said about the shoot and check out this beautiful gallery below.

The shoot was organised by myself, Weddings by Charlie and Ellie of Eleanor Jayne Makeup Artistry. We had the idea for the shoot after having enquiries from couples getting married in the winter.

Many couples opt to get married in the warmer months, but there are so many opportunities to inject personality and creativity into a winter wedding. We knew we wanted to shoot outside, and early in the morning in order to capture the atmosphere created by the morning light, fog and frost.

We chose Kirkham Priory as it has a beautiful bridge and the River Derwent running alongside. Zoe at Treasured Brides was so kind to work with us. At the dress fitting with our model, Alina, Ellie was immediately drawn to the long sleeved Daniela Di Marino dress from the Incanta collection. It perfectly fit the organic, whimsical theme we had planned and so much beautiful detailing throughout the bodice, sleeves and skirt.

Paired with Alina’s striking, ethereal features, we all agreed it was ‘The One’. Flowers by Caroline was very kind to make us a beautiful white bouquet, using Carnations, Roses and silver, green Eucalyptus that perfectly mirrored the thick frost on the grass.

On the morning of the shoot, we got so lucky with the weather. We had an early start, and began shooting between 8.30am and 9.30am. It was still morning, with very little cloud cover, meaning nothing inhibited the bright morning glow that was diffused by the fog. This helped to create some incredible, romantic shots. We made the most of the scenic location, getting photos from the bridge (with gawking, confused commuters in passing cars), as well as from the lake side.

We worked quickly, with hot water bottles and layers on hand, so that Alina didn’t get too cold. It was incredible to see the shoot come together, all the way from conception to the final images, and to work with other York based suppliers.

Image credits:
Make-up @eleanorjayne_makeupartistry
Hair @eleanorjayne_makeupartistry
Dress @treasuredbrides
Dress Design @danieladimarino_official
Florals @flowers_by_caroline
Model @alina_longmore_
Planning @eleanorjayne_makeupartistry &

Wedding ceremony music

How To Choose Music For Your Wedding Ceremony

You will no doubt have questions to answer about choosing music for your ceremony. How many songs do I need? Can I have a live musician in my venue? What mood do I want to set? Music sets a wonderful atmosphere for you and your guests and choosing the right songs will have you remembering your ceremony with happiness for years to come.

Choosing Music For Your Wedding Ceremony

From Walking Down The Aisle To The Exit Of The Happy Couple

By Fiona King Wedding Pianist

Live or recorded music?

There are two options when it comes to music for your ceremony – recorded or live music. Do check with your venue to see if there are any restrictions on either format, or on any particular song choices, especially if you are in a house of worship. By playing recorded music you will save money by not hiring a live musician. You have a wide range of songs to choose from and there can be plenty of variety in your choices. By having a live musician playing for your ceremony, a more intimate atmosphere can be set, and your guests can enjoy being entertained by a live performer.

How many songs do I need?

No matter your choice of music provision you will have to decide upon a number of songs for the different parts of the ceremony. Couples often come to me with a problem – they want more modern songs, but some family members are pushing for traditional versions. There is a way for everyone to be happy as there are usually about five songs needed for the ceremony. Let us find out what they are and some tips for choosing them.

The entrance of the bride

The first song you will need to choose is to be played during the entrance of the bride. This is a really special song and should be something that is important to you both, but especially to the bride. It should be a steady paced song, not too fast as you will be coming down the aisle at a steady speed. Couples often choose a love song or a song that is special to them at this point. Examples of entry songs I have played recently are ‘Your Song’ by Elton John, ‘A Thousand Years’ by Christina Perry, and ‘Everything I Do I Do It For You’ by Bryan Adams.

The signing of the register

The next part of the ceremony you need to choose music for is during the signing of the register. This section takes surprisingly longer than expected, especially when people are getting up to take photographs, so I would suggest choosing 3-4 songs to be played during this section. This is where you can think about your guests’ preferences a little more. You could choose a quiet classical piece, which will please the more traditional listeners at your ceremony. You could choose a song from a musical, such as ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight?’ from The Lion King. You want to choose a song that is calming but that people can recognise the tune to, such as Ellie Goulding’s ‘How Long Will I Love You’. You may even want to choose two songs mashed together, such as Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’ with Pachelbel’s ‘Canon in D’.

The exit of the married couple

The final piece to choose is the song for the exit of the newly married couple. Couples here usually choose something a bit more upbeat, a party song that will celebrate the marriage and get the guests in the mood for the celebrations ahead. Examples of recent songs I have played have been ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ by Van Morrison and ‘Marry You’ by Bruno Mars. It is up to you and your partner to find a song that uplifts you and celebrates your love for each other in a happy, lively way.

A final note on choosing music

Whether you are choosing the music just the two of you, or you have input from family members, it is important to remember that music sets an ambience and will have long lasting memories from your special day. Go with songs that speak to your heart or have a special connection. Whenever you hear these songs in the future, you will remember your wedding day with nostalgia and joy.

For more information and a playlist of songs please visit

York Registry Office wedding

Intimate York Registry Office wedding - Lynn and Martin

Mr & Mrs Coombs added some razzle dazzle to York Registry Office on the most sought after wedding date of the year – 20.02.2020!

Spiritually a significant day in numerology for the signing of contracts, marriages and commitments alike.

York Registry Office Wedding

Lynn and Martin fell head over heels in love, in the first few months they having never been tattooed before gained matching ones, moved in together and decided to tie the knot. We just knew we had both found love, so why wait?

First stop on proposal Martin lead Lynn to a jewellers to design her very own band. What made her band special was the mere fact that her band was going to be the only ring on her finger, she didn’t want 2, being devoted christians Lynn loved the thought of having a TRIPLE band for trinity. Its personal!

Terrie who is conveniently a wedding photographer and daughter of the bride helped her mother tie and arrange some wild spring flowers for the single bouquet on the very morning, which gloriously helped them create a small but significant happy memory to kick start the day.

York Registry Office wedding photos

On arrival in the grooms very own company taxi they married in the Boothan Suite of the York Registry Office, the smallest room, with only 7 people in total.

The small yet sufficient wedding party pub crawled through The Shambles, giving the same relaxed but atmospheric feeling as the registry office, keeping a theme in mind… this wedding is about love! Us!

Not the frilly favours, wedding cars or huge venues. We just wanted to be united, married – and we did just that!

Lynn and Martin’s wedding suppliers:

Wedding photography:

Ceremony: York Registry Office

Dress: Tesco

Styled wedding shoot at The Grove Hall

Today on the blog  we present this beautiful inspiration wedding styled shoot at The Grove Hall in South Kirkby, West Yorkshire organised by Tammy from Howards Events and photographed by Nisha from Your Choice Photography.

Here is what Nisha, the photographer said on the whole shoot:

The inspiration behind photographing the shoot was to simply show the art of possible. My aim is to always capture naturally beautiful images, with a romantic feel.

In winter months especially, it can be hard to envision how things might look when it’s simply bare and muddy. You often need to see how it can be. Tammy also styled the event in a rustic way with touches of gold, including bespoke props from Bramble Sky.

Abigail’s hair & fresh faced make-up was done by lovely cruelty free MUA, Nicola Whitfield and she had a bespoke gown for Yorkshire designer, Danielle Sykes. Flox Bridal provided the finishing touches with a tiara & hair vine, whilst Amber from Mini Quinni Alternative Weddings provided beautifully designed, bespoke veils.

All tables were dressed with stunning arrangements from Jackie, The Flower Shop (South Elmsall) and she created a wild bouquet, with navy blue ribbon to match the accents in the room.

The day was finished with an exquisite white detailed cake from Cherry Blossom Cakes, styling from Howards Events included balloon decor, a flower wall and calligraphy printed mirrors and beautifully captured by Dan Williams Visuals.

From Nicola Whitfield (MUA) on her desired look: For the make up look I wanted to create a neutral palette so gold tones were used on the eyes and a pink toned lipstick complemented the look. To show off the beautiful hair accessories I designed a loose curled updo on our gorgeous model. It shows how several pieces can be worn together to create a cohesive look for your special day.

From Danielle of Danielle Sykes Designs on her bespoke dress: I wanted to create a gown that was dramatic, modern and timeless, so I used a plain ivory satin and focused on creating a striking silhouette. The puff ball sleeves

From Abigail on the vendors involved: Everyone on the day The Grove Hall was so welcoming and made me feel at ease, which is what you really want from the people that are bringing your wedding day to life! I loved the set up and everything went to plan on such a beautiful day. I would work with every one of them again.

From Tammy, owner of Howards Events: We chose to go for a Navy, gold and ivory theme along with lots of greenery to tie in with the Pantone colour of the year. We gave the whole room a feeling of warmth and regalness using a mixture of textures. Jackie from The Flower Shop created a greenery hoop along with some gorgeous floral centrepieces. We added lots of finer details including lace charger plates and a stunning 3d luxury flower wall.

Jackie, The Flower Shop:

I wanted to do something that was on trend and at the moment pampas grass is so on trend so incorporated with the pampas I chose to put some stunning ivory avalanche roses, Veronica, mimosa which I sprayed gold to add richness, wax flower, dried palm lease sprayed gold for that touch of regalness and corn with trailing asparagus adding softness and a touch of colour and finished with a deep rich blue satin ribbon tied around the bouquet.

Supplier's list:

Nisha, Your Choice Photography (photographer)
Dan, Dan Williams Visuals (Videographer)
Tammy, Howards Events (styling & props)
Jackie, The Flower Shop (florist)
Cake, Cherry Blossom bakery

The Grove Hall ( venue)
Amber, Mini Quinnie Alternative Weddings (veil)
Abigail (model)
Nicola, Nicola Whitfield MUA (hmua)
Danielle, Danielle Sykes Designs (bridalwear)
Becky, Flox Bridal (bridal accessories)

Newlyweds posing with a wedding car in Yorkshire

Choosing the right wedding car for your big day

For soon to be Brides in Yorkshire, and with such a large selection of wedding cars and other transport types available in the area it can be difficult to know what kind of vehicle to choose, and which option will work best for your wedding.

However, deciding on your wedding transport doesn’t have to be stressful or difficult, if you choose a professional company which has been long established over many years they’ll have all the knowledge and more importantly the experience to help guide you in your planning, resulting in the perfect wedding transport for a perfect day.

The best recommendation of a business is from a friend or family member that has used the services before. A company that has hundreds of five star reviews and perhaps has not been in business that long should start alarm bells ringing, reviews although a good thing should not always be the first consideration as they can sometimes be misleading and sometimes fake, however any business that has been around for many, many years must be doing something right otherwise they would not be in business, so always read between the lines and the number one piece of advice is go with your instinct.

When you’ve decided which company to go with you can then decide on which of their vehicles will best suit your theme. Even if you’re holding the wedding ceremony and reception in one place, you’ll still want transport to initially get there. You then have to consider how many people are travelling, is it in winter or summer, do you require a car with air conditioning or a bracing convertible. If you’re having a church wedding with the reception elsewhere, the transfer time needs to be taken into consideration, along with how many trips between the destinations are needed to take the Happy Couple, Bridesmaids, Mother of the Bride and so on, so do explain this to the carriage company prior to making your final choice.

If colour is important then you need to ensure the dress does not get lost in the colour of the car, for example a white car and white wedding dress sounds great but if the white car is whiter than the dress could it make the dress look greyish. Good photographers are great in solving this problem for exterior shots though, they will always have the Groom next to the car with the Bride next to the Groom resulting in dress and car not next to each other thereby creating a perfect contrast. Whether you’re having a traditional, modern, or themed wedding you’ll want the vehicles to blend with your theme. Two-tone coloured vehicles, that fit in with your overall colour scheme are a good option and will afford you a larger choice of vehicles. You could even use a traditional white or silver vehicle but bring in the colour of your wedding theme in the ribbons and bows.

Wedding car outside a Yorkshire wedding venue

Wedding gowns will vary. Some can be pencil style and simple, others may be hiding additional layers and a variety of hoops. The fullness of your dress will help decided which car is right for you. The rear seats in some cars may not give your dress the space it needs as every Bride wishes to arrive at their destination looking fresh and crease free. If you’re opting for a fuller style gown you’ll need either a modern long wheelbase style vehicle or even a limousine, some vehicles from the vintage era will provide a wealth of space as the passengers in those days used to travel in spacious cabins while their chauffeur was squashed in to the small cabin at the front.

To avoid upset on your big day do take the time to go and see the car prior to your wedding, so you can see how easy or not it is to get in an out off. A professional wedding car provider will be more than happy to arrange a viewing for you.

A two-seater convertible may be your dream wedding car, but it’s no good, if you’re opting for just the one wedding car and are looking to have four bridesmaids in your wedding party, and where will the poor old groom sit as their will only be one seat for passengers as the other is taken by the chauffeur. If you want to make one trip only then perhaps a limousine style vehicle would be more practical. Alternatively, you could hire more than one vehicle, in which case look for a company that can provide two matching or reasonably similar cars. Another possibility is to choose an elegant wedding car for the happy couple with simpler style cars for the rest of the wedding party.

Make sure you ask what items are included and what are additional, always check the terms and conditions as these are there to protect you. A good company will have a very comprehensive set of terms and conditions on their website for you to see.

Finally make sure you consider purchasing a low-cost wedding insurance policy before you book any part of your wedding as this will cover you from day one, not just on the day itself. You will be surprised how cheap these policies are and how much they cover.

Lastly, book the vehicle as soon as you know it’s the car for you, because if you like it, others will too.

To help you with your Yorkshire wedding car hire planning visit Premier Carriage Wedding Cars website or call 01924 693 684.

Wedding Jazz band

Things to consider when booking a wedding band

Everyone agrees that having background music at your wedding drinks reception can make the occasion feel extra special. It fills any awkward silences and helps to set the atmosphere beautifully for the few hours before the wedding breakfast begins, putting your guests at ease.

Wedding Jazz Band

When booking background music performers for your wedding, it's important to consider the following five aspects of booking a band:

1. Image

Will the 'look' of the band fit into your plans for the day? A wedding is a big investment and you don't want a group of scruffy musicians in the background of your wedding photos. It's vital to choose a band which understands that image is important, this is your special day and a band should treat it with as much care and attention as you do.

2. Professional

You can get a good idea of how professional a band is during the booking process. Do they have a clear and concise booking process? Are they quick to respond and decisive with costs and requirements? Indecisiveness is a good indication that the band isn't used to performing at weddings and problems could arise at a future date with them.

3. Contract

It's an obvious point, but it's important that you both sign an engagement contract for the booking and pay a deposit (if required). A form of legal agreement between you helps to mitigate any disagreements in the future. The contract should mention the date, arrival time, start and end time plus any requirements that the band may have; food, drink, accommodation etc. The band should have a standard contract for the purposes of weddings.

4. Repertoire

Weddings are usually a mixture of generations from your family. So, music everyone will enjoy is a must. You may be into some obscure Norwegian prog-rock trio, but there's a good chance that your parents (and their parents) are not! It’s best to opt for a band which play a variety of music across all years.

5. Schedule

Having a detailed running order for the day is vital. Ensure that you agree on an arrival time with the band and know how long it takes them to setup so you can inform the venue staff what to expect. Be aware that if the band are to be performing in a room which is already occupied by your guests, then you may need them to setup a couple of hours in advance, as to not disturb your guests with sounds checks.

One wedding band which ticks all these boxes is the Devon jazz band, Mojito. They are a professional jazz trio based in the southwest of the UK and have years of experience in planning and performing at weddings throughout the region. You can find out more about their wedding services on their website, but they are a highly recommended wedding jazz band in the area.

Game of Thrones themed wedding at East Riddlesden Hall

Game of Thrones themed wedding at East Riddlesden Hall

We're delighted to show you this Game of Thrones themed barn wedding on the blog. With the ceremony in the Airedale Barn at East Riddlesden Hall the beautiful rustic charm of the venue was the perfect fit for our wedding theme. The bride got ready in a lovely log cabin just a short distance away from the venue. The ceremony in the barn was just beautiful with nuptials exchanged under the fairly lights in the barn, it was a really intimate and emotional ceremony.

The day was relaxed but fun for everyone. For the wedding breakfast there was a medieval style banquet, again fitting in with the wedding theme along with singing waiters that added more of a fun factor to the afternoon celebrations.

Game of Thrones themed wedding at East Riddlesden Hall

About the photographer

Matthew Grainger is a wedding photographer based in Yorkshire. His photography style is a mix of completely natural documentary photography throughout the day with some creative but natural couple portraits and fun, relaxed group shots. You can view more of Matthew's wedding work on his website:

Other suppliers:

Venue - East Riddlesden Hall

Getting ready location - Fawether Grange

Wedding camper van vw

Wedding Car Hire – How Much Can You Expect to Pay?

For many couples a wedding will be the first and possibly only time where you have to plan a large-scale event. Setting a budget is easy but we all know once the planning starts your initial figure can quickly get tripled in a matter of months. This is why it is important to understand the costs associated with all aspects of your wedding.

With many years’ experience in helping couples pick their perfect wedding car we are sure that this guide will give you a great idea of which motors will be available to you whether your budget is at the lower end of the scale or you are going all out.

Having recently received the silver certificate of excellence from Bridebook, you can rest assured that you will get the 5 star treatment when booking through BookAclassic.

BUDGET Up To £250

1. VW Camper

Wedding camper van vw

If you’re looking for a bit of fun and that relaxed surfer feel then this is the perfect choice. A hugely popular choice in 2018 we are sure we will see the same trend in 2019. Ideal if your wedding is in summer and want to add some bohemian chic.

Find more details here

2. Ford Anglia

Ford Anglia wedding car

Harry Potter fans rejoice! You will be well versed with this classic, however we cannot promise you that you will be able to fly in it. Potter fan or not this is a great little wedding car with its distinct styling and English charm.

Find more details here

BUDGET £251 - £500

3. Beauford Tourer

Beauford tourer wedding car

A fantastic choice as a mid-budget wedding car. Designed to look like a 1930’s luxury vintage car it is hugely popular universally. If you are going to have a summer wedding this is perfect as you can opt to put the soft top down and enjoy the best of the English weather.

Find more details here

4. Daimler 250 V8

Daimler wedding car

A real classy choice, the Daimler looks great at any venue with that distinguished 60’s styling. The interior of this car was really ahead of it’s time and you will really enjoy seeing some of the fantastic vintage features that this car offers.

Find more details here

BUDGET £501 +

5. Rolls Royce Phantom

Rolls Royce Phantom wedding car

The flagship vehicle in the current range the phantom is the height of luxury and comes with a £300,000 price tag. Thankfully you are able to hire it at a fraction of that price but it is perfect if you are looking to pull out all the stops on your transport.

Find more details here

6. Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud

Rolls Royce silver wedding car

No surprise that there is another Rolls to finish our higher budget choices, however this one is more for the traditionalists. First built in 1955 this was seen as the core model at the time and it has aged gracefully into one of the most stunning classics on the roads today.

Find more details here

Who Are We?

BookAclassic is the UK’s preferred classic car hire site for weddings, with the most extensive offering of iconic and classic vehicles both in the UK and worldwide. The choices are almost endless and can cater for whatever style of wedding you decide. We are sure you will find the vehicle of your dreams on our platform and you could be booked in a matter of minutes with a few simple clicks.

Embroidered wedding patches

Customize your wedding with personalized embroidered patches

Embroidered patches have existed for over one thousand years, but during the early ages, they were simply threading stitched embellishments fitted on clothing. Most recently, people have revived their popularity. Today the personalised embroidered wedding patches are more popular. Therefore, The wedding designs mostly reflect on the positive empowerment themes and popular culture.

When planning your wedding, the personalised embroidered patches should help you customise your wedding. The customisation allows you to use as many elements as possible to make unique gifts for the couple. The market also provides a wide variety of projects and patterns that will definitely bring joy.

Nothing will be more personal than beautifully custom embroidered patches. You can try a few ideas like an addition to the wedding dresses by stitching little blue bows inside the dress lining or some complex ideas like the use of small swatch from the groom's outfit or wedding dress to make fantastic artwork in the wedding venue.

Stunningly beautiful hand-stitched stationery for your wedding, signs for the reception, table names and the traditional horseshoes in delightful ways will make a difference. For great results, use quality fabric in the creations.

Embroidered love patches

Types of wedding embroidery patches

Here are the two most common embroidery patches that you can try out.

  • Leather patches

The leather is a higher quality option for the custom patches. You can print the leather patches with your preferable choice or emboss it. The market provides a wide range of leather colours to match your wedding needs. You will also get a perfect custom patch for your wedding.

  • Merrow border or overlock stitch

Merrowed border or overlock stitch is among the modest forms of borders that you will find on patches of every type. The designer will start by offering you a variety of choices so that you can decide on what you need for your wedding. You will get the custom design you choose for your wedding embroidery patches.


Wedding embroidered patches are more common today than woven or printed badges. Even though the perfectly edged pieces are in vogue, the design of custom patches is rewarding, easy and fun to produce with an embroidery machine. With custom designs, you will be able to impress your guests or make the perfect gift for the newly wedded couple. There are many ideas to try during the, and whichever the approach you decide to take, the end product is always appealing.

Patchion provides top quality embroidery service. Their experience and professional approach will help you create wedding related embroidered patch.

Embroidered wedding patches


Visit Patchion today, send them an image and receive top quality custom embroidered patches within two weeks. Call them and say "Awesome Yorkshire Weddings" to get free UK delivery.

Looking for stock LOVE related items? Check their web-store for cool embroidered stuff. Many embroidered Valentines hearts are there which can be successfully used to decorate your wedding party.

Disney Snow White wedding styled shoot

Disney Snow White wedding styled shoot

Thday on the blog we have this dreamy fairytale Disney Snow White wedding styled shoot created by a bunch of amazing wedding suppliers from the Yorkshire area.

The Disney collection is all about seeing what you can create when you have the right team of vendors beside you! Working with Vickie from Spectacular Scenes was an absolute dream, this was all about greenery and bringing the outside in…she created every floral piece from the bouquet to the table dressing, including the bespoke waterfall flowers on (Fran's) CoCo Vintage's Chaise Lounge. She genuinely pulls it out of the bag, so when I mentioned I wanted puppies she just made it happen! Fran headed over from Liverpool with all the finishing touches, which complimented the Storeybook Wedding cake beautifully.

Elizabeth James Events joined us with their incredible foliage wall, providing the perfect backdrop for our stunning Stelfox Bride lace gown and bespoke hair accessories from Janie at The Lucky Sixpence. Jess Price is one of Your Choice Photography's studio Make-Up Artists, so having her present on the day was incredible and her elegant make-up completed Sabrina's hair styling magically. The final touches to our day with Celine (Snow White) at The View Marquee was complete with Inked by Hand's unique stationery/calligraphy.

Full list of suppliers involved in this shoot is available at the bottom of this page.

Disney Snow White wedding styled shoot


Planning/Photographer: Your Choice Photography Nisha Keaton
Styling/Florist: Spectacular Scenes Vickiie Ellen Ryder
Wall Hire: Elizabeth James Events Hannah Elizabeth James
Vintage Table/Decor Hire: Coco Vintage Collection Fran Steer
Stationery & Calligraphy: Inked by Hand Deb Borrett @inkedbyhand @inked_by_hand
Cake: Storeybook Cakes Lorien Storey
Dress: White Stelfox Bride (Shikoba) Rebecca George
Dress: Red Courage & Dash Collective Hire Joshephine Tay
Hair Accessories: The Lucky Six Pence Janie Wolverson
Shoes / Decals Primark / BespokebyLAx
MUA: Make Me Up Beauty
Model: Lestrangemergoth Celine Tate
Location: The View Marquee Reece
Hair: Brietaity Sabrina Tait