Wedding Jazz band

Things to consider when booking a wedding band

Everyone agrees that having background music at your wedding drinks reception can make the occasion feel extra special. It fills any awkward silences and helps to set the atmosphere beautifully for the few hours before the wedding breakfast begins, putting your guests at ease.

Wedding Jazz Band

When booking background music performers for your wedding, it's important to consider the following five aspects of booking a band:

1. Image

Will the 'look' of the band fit into your plans for the day? A wedding is a big investment and you don't want a group of scruffy musicians in the background of your wedding photos. It's vital to choose a band which understands that image is important, this is your special day and a band should treat it with as much care and attention as you do.

2. Professional

You can get a good idea of how professional a band is during the booking process. Do they have a clear and concise booking process? Are they quick to respond and decisive with costs and requirements? Indecisiveness is a good indication that the band isn't used to performing at weddings and problems could arise at a future date with them.

3. Contract

It's an obvious point, but it's important that you both sign an engagement contract for the booking and pay a deposit (if required). A form of legal agreement between you helps to mitigate any disagreements in the future. The contract should mention the date, arrival time, start and end time plus any requirements that the band may have; food, drink, accommodation etc. The band should have a standard contract for the purposes of weddings.

4. Repertoire

Weddings are usually a mixture of generations from your family. So, music everyone will enjoy is a must. You may be into some obscure Norwegian prog-rock trio, but there's a good chance that your parents (and their parents) are not! It’s best to opt for a band which play a variety of music across all years.

5. Schedule

Having a detailed running order for the day is vital. Ensure that you agree on an arrival time with the band and know how long it takes them to setup so you can inform the venue staff what to expect. Be aware that if the band are to be performing in a room which is already occupied by your guests, then you may need them to setup a couple of hours in advance, as to not disturb your guests with sounds checks.

One wedding band which ticks all these boxes is the Devon jazz band, Mojito. They are a professional jazz trio based in the southwest of the UK and have years of experience in planning and performing at weddings throughout the region. You can find out more about their wedding services on their website, but they are a highly recommended wedding jazz band in the area.

Wedding camper van vw

Wedding Car Hire – How Much Can You Expect to Pay?

For many couples a wedding will be the first and possibly only time where you have to plan a large-scale event. Setting a budget is easy but we all know once the planning starts your initial figure can quickly get tripled in a matter of months. This is why it is important to understand the costs associated with all aspects of your wedding.

With many years’ experience in helping couples pick their perfect wedding car we are sure that this guide will give you a great idea of which motors will be available to you whether your budget is at the lower end of the scale or you are going all out.

Having recently received the silver certificate of excellence from Bridebook, you can rest assured that you will get the 5 star treatment when booking through BookAclassic.

BUDGET Up To £250

1. VW Camper

Wedding camper van vw

If you’re looking for a bit of fun and that relaxed surfer feel then this is the perfect choice. A hugely popular choice in 2018 we are sure we will see the same trend in 2019. Ideal if your wedding is in summer and want to add some bohemian chic.

Find more details here

2. Ford Anglia

Ford Anglia wedding car

Harry Potter fans rejoice! You will be well versed with this classic, however we cannot promise you that you will be able to fly in it. Potter fan or not this is a great little wedding car with its distinct styling and English charm.

Find more details here

BUDGET £251 - £500

3. Beauford Tourer

Beauford tourer wedding car

A fantastic choice as a mid-budget wedding car. Designed to look like a 1930’s luxury vintage car it is hugely popular universally. If you are going to have a summer wedding this is perfect as you can opt to put the soft top down and enjoy the best of the English weather.

Find more details here

4. Daimler 250 V8

Daimler wedding car

A real classy choice, the Daimler looks great at any venue with that distinguished 60’s styling. The interior of this car was really ahead of it’s time and you will really enjoy seeing some of the fantastic vintage features that this car offers.

Find more details here

BUDGET £501 +

5. Rolls Royce Phantom

Rolls Royce Phantom wedding car

The flagship vehicle in the current range the phantom is the height of luxury and comes with a £300,000 price tag. Thankfully you are able to hire it at a fraction of that price but it is perfect if you are looking to pull out all the stops on your transport.

Find more details here

6. Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud

Rolls Royce silver wedding car

No surprise that there is another Rolls to finish our higher budget choices, however this one is more for the traditionalists. First built in 1955 this was seen as the core model at the time and it has aged gracefully into one of the most stunning classics on the roads today.

Find more details here

Who Are We?

BookAclassic is the UK’s preferred classic car hire site for weddings, with the most extensive offering of iconic and classic vehicles both in the UK and worldwide. The choices are almost endless and can cater for whatever style of wedding you decide. We are sure you will find the vehicle of your dreams on our platform and you could be booked in a matter of minutes with a few simple clicks.

Embroidered wedding patches

Customize your wedding with personalized embroidered patches

Embroidered patches have existed for over one thousand years, but during the early ages, they were simply threading stitched embellishments fitted on clothing. Most recently, people have revived their popularity. Today the personalised embroidered wedding patches are more popular. Therefore, The wedding designs mostly reflect on the positive empowerment themes and popular culture.

When planning your wedding, the personalised embroidered patches should help you customise your wedding. The customisation allows you to use as many elements as possible to make unique gifts for the couple. The market also provides a wide variety of projects and patterns that will definitely bring joy.

Nothing will be more personal than beautifully custom embroidered patches. You can try a few ideas like an addition to the wedding dresses by stitching little blue bows inside the dress lining or some complex ideas like the use of small swatch from the groom's outfit or wedding dress to make fantastic artwork in the wedding venue.

Stunningly beautiful hand-stitched stationery for your wedding, signs for the reception, table names and the traditional horseshoes in delightful ways will make a difference. For great results, use quality fabric in the creations.

Embroidered love patches

Types of wedding embroidery patches

Here are the two most common embroidery patches that you can try out.

  • Leather patches

The leather is a higher quality option for the custom patches. You can print the leather patches with your preferable choice or emboss it. The market provides a wide range of leather colours to match your wedding needs. You will also get a perfect custom patch for your wedding.

  • Merrow border or overlock stitch

Merrowed border or overlock stitch is among the modest forms of borders that you will find on patches of every type. The designer will start by offering you a variety of choices so that you can decide on what you need for your wedding. You will get the custom design you choose for your wedding embroidery patches.


Wedding embroidered patches are more common today than woven or printed badges. Even though the perfectly edged pieces are in vogue, the design of custom patches is rewarding, easy and fun to produce with an embroidery machine. With custom designs, you will be able to impress your guests or make the perfect gift for the newly wedded couple. There are many ideas to try during the, and whichever the approach you decide to take, the end product is always appealing.

Patchion provides top quality embroidery service. Their experience and professional approach will help you create wedding related embroidered patch.

Embroidered wedding patches


Visit Patchion today, send them an image and receive top quality custom embroidered patches within two weeks. Call them and say "Awesome Yorkshire Weddings" to get free UK delivery.

Looking for stock LOVE related items? Check their web-store for cool embroidered stuff. Many embroidered Valentines hearts are there which can be successfully used to decorate your wedding party.

Wedding fireworks

The Best Fireworks for Capturing Wedding Photographs

Fireworks can add a lot of extra magic to your wedding. They can also be used as a backdrop to wonderful wedding photographs.

What are the best fireworks for capturing amazing wedding photographs?

The Best Fireworks for Photos

Fireworks come in all shapes and sizes. You have big rockets that shoot up high into the night sky and sparklers that dazzle closer to ground. While all fireworks are wonderful in terms of the enjoyment, you will find some fireworks working better in photographs.

Here are four favourites for capturing stunning wedding photos.

Wedding fireworks
Photo credit:


Fountains are definite favourites when it comes to fireworks. These impressive fireworks can reach heights of up to 20 feet and can last for a good few minutes depending on the specific product you buy.

Fountains add drama to your photos and again depending on the product can either run continuously, creating a sea of sparkle and fire, or go off in individual explosions. They can be used as a backdrop in all sorts of wedding photos. Two fountains on the side of a photo could even work as a lovely frame to a kissing couple!


Fireworks can also add just a touch of sparkle to your photos and for this, sparklers are the perfect option. You can use sparklers indoors for most occasions so this is great for adding that firework-effect to your photos inside your venue.

With slow exposure, it’s even possible to use fireworks for drawing words or images to your wedding photos. A sparkler allows you to draw a heart that will show up in the final image, for example.

You can add a lot more depth and fun to your photos when you think about making the most of camera effects as well as the fireworks themselves.

Catherine Wheels

Catherine wheels don’t explode up in the air like many other fireworks. These are usually nailed in a wooden structure and when set off they tend to spin in circles. They create a wonderful effect of a spinning ball of fire, with different coloured sparks flying all around.

The wheels usually last around a minute or two, which gives you plenty of time to take stunning photos. Since it all happens on the ground, you are able to use them as a backdrop for photos of your wedding guests or the wedding couple, and they work great in conjunction with fountains and smoke bombs, which we’ll look at below.

Smoke Bombs

Smoke bombs definitely deserve a mention. If you want to create a dramatic effect, then setting off a smoke bomb in the background is a wonderful idea. The slight smokiness looks brilliant either outdoors acting as ‘mist’ or even on the dance floor – if the venue is okay with it and you have a specific indoor smoke bomb product!– the perfect look for dreamy photos of the newlyweds!

Photo credit:


Tips for good wedding photographs with fireworks

The above fireworks and ideas are definitely worth keeping in mind when thinking specifically about using fireworks in your wedding photos, as opposed to simply having a fireworks display and hoping the photographer can capture it!

Here are two other pointers to keep in mind when planning for your firework wedding photos:

  • Always talk to your wedding photographer about using fireworks. You definitely want to hear their input and ideas, and ideally you want to find out they’ve photographed fireworks before. Even if they haven’t, another option is to take a video and then choose the best frames as your photographs.
  • Remember to stay safe. Fireworks are explosives and it’s important to follow safety guidelines and not be tempted to get too close to them for your photos.

Fireworks are a great addition to your wedding photographs. They will also add plenty of entertainment value to your wedding day so using them is a win-win!

DJ lights

Choosing a Wedding DJ

When it comes to planning your wedding, there are so, so many things to keep track of. From the big things like the venue, dress, and guest list, to little details like the choice of flowers and place settings, everything needs to be given its due care and attention. However, one thing that you definitely shouldn’t rush through is your choice of wedding DJ. After all, this is the person who is going to be in charge of getting the party started when it comes to your wedding reception, and your choice can either make or break the atmosphere. Not all DJs are created equal, so you really have to think long and hard about who you’re going to pick. Not to worry, though- in this article, we’ll give you a few pointers on questions to ask your prospective DJs, to help you make the right choice.

First of all, you’ll want to make sure that the DJ in question does this as their full-time job. The last thing you want is to hire somebody without the necessary skills and experience, and only find out when the reception itself rolls around. DJs who have made a career out of their work will know how to best work an audience, and even if they’re faced with a tough crowd, they’ll make sure that everyone is up and rocking by the end of the night. A professional will also have access to all the equipment they need to put on a great show, whereas a part-timer might not come fully prepared.

Next up, make sure that you interview your DJ instead of just taking them on without ever meeting them! A face-to-face meeting is the best way of sensing whether or not the DJ is going to be compatible with the sort of wedding reception you’re planning. It also gives you the chance to discuss any particular songs or playlists you have in mind, to make sure the wedding DJ is going to be able to accommodate your requirements. Now is also the time to think about whether or not you want the DJ to take requests. Some couples like things to stick to the predetermined playlists, whereas others are happy to open up the floor to their guests- let your DJ know which approach you’d prefer at this stage, to make sure it’s something they’re happy with.

Finally, a DJ is only as good as their equipment, so make sure your chosen DJ comes prepared with everything that’s required for one hell of a party. This is particularly important if you’re booking a large venue for your reception- you don’t want the sound to get lost from speakers that are too small to fill the venue. You’ll also want to be certain that they know how to get everything set up quickly, so your guests aren’t left waiting around. Lastly, backup equipment is also a must, in case anything happens that puts part (or all) of the main equipment out of action.

So, now you know what to look for in a wedding DJ, you should find that the whole process is a lot simpler. If you want to make things even more simple, then why not cut out the middle man, and go straight to Floorfillas? As one of Brides Magazine’s top ten wedding DJs in the country, your wedding reception is sure to go down a storm!

Wedding party food

Eight occasions to hire a private chef

There are numerous occasions that call for a party or some form of celebration. You could be planning a corporate event, a friend’s birthday, or fathers’ day. On such days, most people generally cook for themselves or order food from random restaurants. It can be quite difficult to make enough food for each of your visitors if you decided to cook by yourself.Wedding party food

Parties and special occasions are supposed to be fun and memorable. However, when you’re in charge of all the planning, the hosting, the cooking, the serving and eventually the cleanup, it can quickly become un-fun. Hiring a private chef can put the enjoyment and fun back into your party or occasion so that you don’t miss a single special moment.

Hiring a private chef comes with numerous benefits and advantages compared to cooking yourself or ordering from a restaurant. The biggest benefits are that it saves you money since you don’t have to buy all equipment, food and table decorations. Additionally, hiring a private chef can save you lots of time. They will take care of the cooking and preparations; all you have to do is show up a smile.

So, when should you hire a private chef? As I said, there are many occasions and events that need the services of a private chef. Here are the 8 occasions where you can benefit by hiring a private chef.

1. Wedding

Hiring a private chef can really make your wedding unforgettable, and it should, after all, it’s your special day. Private Chefs are able to organize a large professional team that can cater to all your visitors. You can be assured the food will the quality and presentation will be exceptional and your wedding photographer will have some amazing shots!

2. Birthday

If you have a loved one whose birthday is around the corner, you can make their special day extra special by hiring a private chef for them. The chef can craft the menu to reflect their career or personality, and show off some of their aspirations on the birthday cake.

3. Valentine’s Day

Sometimes booking a table at a restaurant on a special day like Valentine’s Day can be as difficult as finding true love itself. Hiring a private chef is a unique idea that offers you the intimacy of customizing your menu to suit the exact culinary preferences of your partner.

4. Anniversary

An anniversary is all about the best memories of your marriage. But you don’t want to spend this precious time being worked up in the kitchen, do you? A private chef can help you recreate that special meal that you had on your first date or that special dinner you had at your wedding.

5. Hen Part

Traditional hen parties are typically characterized by the exchange of small gifts and night-long parties often with shots, feather boas, and strippers. However, if the idea of a messy wine-soaked night and plenty of half-clothed tipsy heads doesn’t work for you, it might be a great idea to hire a private chef for a low-key lunch and themed dinner after that.

6. Mothers Day

Mother's’ day is one of those days that you give your mum some special treatment. And if you’re a mum, you want to take a break from all the stresses of shopping for groceries, cooking, serving and cleaning up. A private chef can afford you the luxury of spending time with your loved ones and still enjoy your favorite meal.

7. Christmas

Christmas time can be quite overwhelming with all the preparations, cooking and serving, and before you know it, the day is over. Instead of getting overwhelmed by all the kitchen work, you can hire a private chef to take care of that while you enjoy more fun family time and delicious, quality food.

8. Holiday

Holidays are supposed to be as relaxing and fun as possible. They are also the best times to actually have consistent quality, balance diets meals away from the fast-food and hectic routines associated with the city life. If you have booked a staycation at a countryside farmhouse or scenic seaside house, having a private chef to prepare custom-made foods for you can enhance your holiday experience and allow you to actually enjoy your time.

Nothing beats the convenience of having a private chef that can cater to your every culinary need. You get to save time and money while incorporating delicious menus and new fixes to your diet. Save yourself from the stresses and hassles of shopping, cooking, serving and cleaning up, and focus on actually having fun on your special day by hiring a private chef today.

Newly married couple at a wedding venue in Yorkshire

5 Must-Haves for the Perfect Yorkshire Wedding

Yorkshire offers the perfect backdrop to your wedding, with its Norman castles and beautiful national parks just the start of what you’ll find here.

When you are surrounded with such beauty and rich culture, you might as well make your wedding a little more Yorkshire, whether you’re from the area or have fallen in love from afar and are deciding to get married here.

Here are the five must-haves for creating the perfect Yorkshire wedding.Newly married couple at a wedding venue in Yorkshire

1. Readings by the Brontë Sisters

Readings are always a beautiful addition to a wedding ceremony, and a few passages here and there will pace the flow of the ceremony.

When it comes to selecting your readings, you have to go with Yorkshire’s finest. The Brontë Sisters have produced a number of literary classics with touching observations about love. You could pick something like the speech by Mr Rochester to his fiancé in Jane Ayre.

If the Brontë Sisters are not your thing, you have plenty of other famous Yorkshire folk to opt for, from W.H. Auden to Joanne Harris.

2. White Roses as Your Wedding Décor

An easy one this! You definitely need to use white roses in your wedding decorations. You can place an individual white rose in a glass vase on the tables at your reception, create stunning displays with lots of roses, and even have them prominent in the bride’s bouquet.

White decorations work on their own but you can also combine them with another, brighter accent colour. Add a dash of blue or pink for a romantic look; these colours will also look great if you’re going for something like a vintage theme at your wedding.

In terms of other flowers, white roses pair beautifully with hydrangea.

3. Wensleydale for a Wedding Cake Twist

If you’re getting married in Yorkshire, you should definitely play with famous Yorkshire foods when it comes to your wedding menu. While it’s up to you how far you take it, we think an amazing twist on the traditional wedding cake is to opt for a Yorkshire cheese board instead. A beautiful cheese wheel cake with layers of Wensleydale, Ribblesdale, Barncliffe Brie and the like will charm your guests. Pair your cheese “cake” with rhubarb chutney and crackers.

If doing away with the proper wedding cake is a step too far for you, do this as well as and not instead of.

A beautiful wedding cheese wheel cake

4. Rhubarb Gin to Toast

Talking of rhubarb, a Yorkshire wedding is nothing without rhubarb gin. The pinkish drink will be the perfect way for your guests to toast your happy day. Combine with sparkling tonic and you have a modern drink to replace champagne.

Serve classic rhubarb juice if you want a non-alcoholic version on the side or as an alternative for any children that will be attending.

5. A Live Band Playing Classic Yorkshire Tunes

Yorkshire’s rich heritage of folk music gives you at least one perfect entertainment for your wedding. Your wedding would benefit from having a live band playing traditional folk songs, and perhaps you could even add the Long Sword dance to your reception.

If you want something slightly different, Yorkshire has a rich selection of modern favourites. How about having a tribute band to cover songs by The Cult or Kaiser Chiefs? You can find plenty of local talent through platforms like Freak Music and ensure you can add that Yorkshire sound to your big day.

Whatever your wedding theme, these five must-haves will make sure your wedding is filled with unmistakeable Yorkshire heritage.


Photo credit:

Wedding stationery

Wedding day details you don’t want to skip

Aside from reaffirming your love or celebrating a new one, doing everything you wish you would have done the first time around is what it’s all about! Which is why wedding day details are such an exciting part of a second wedding or vow renewal ceremony. It’s so exciting planning for the second time because you are a pro! You know what’s important and what isn’t and you have a new found style and second chance glow to show off to your loved ones! So, once you have your dress, your flowers, and everything else leading up the the big day - it’s time to focus on the wedding day details you don’t want to skip!

Wedding stationery

Wedding day details are essential, right? The flow of the ceremony, the coordination of the vendors at the reception, and the decorations your guests will see… all of these are pieces of a puzzle that will come together and wedding day stationery can make that happen! We are talking wedding programs, menu cards, place cards, and guest books. Basic Invite has given us some of their favorite tips and tricks on how to utilize wedding day stationery details to make your day one to remember!

Wedding Programs

Wedding programs can be used for so many things! There main purpose is to help the flow of the day go smoothly, but if you’re smart they can serve as much more than that! Especially for larger weddings where guests may not know one another programs can serve as reading material and talking points while everyone gets settled. If your ceremony is more formal and lengthy programs can help keep guests on track so they can pay attention to the events as they unfold.

Designate a couple family members or close friends to stand as greeters and have them hand each guest or couple a wedding program as they come in. It will help start everything off on the right foot!

Place Cards

One of Basic Invite’s favorite wedding day details… place cards! Place cards are such a nice thing to incorporate into the reception. Whether you place all the cards at a table for guests to grab as they walk in or set them up at each place setting prior to guest’s arrival, these little pieces of stationery will make your guests feel extra special.

If you’re looking for a decoration to bring your table scape together, a personalised name card can be the perfect final touch. Choose a design that matches your wedding theme or keep them simple by choosing a classic border design with foil. The options are endless and this detail won’t go unnoticed.


Last but certainly not least - menus. You can get seriously creative with menu cards. Design a larger sized menu with all of the options laid out or be subtle with a dessert and drinks only menu. Place the menus atop each place setting or in the middle of every table to add to the decor and inform your guests on the night’s bites.

Day of details are essential and can be catered to every couple’s needs. Thanks to Basic Invite we have the lowdown on wedding day stationery and a place to get all of it. Basic Invite has endless customization options with over 180 colors and 100 font choices. You can match your day of designs to the invitation you’ve already sent out or choose a new look entirely! They also carry wedding save the date postcards and so much more!

100 years of wedding gowns

Watch 100 years of wedding gowns in just over 3 minutes

100 years of wedding dresses in just over 3 minutes! This video created by goes through the history of wedding gowns. From 1915 to 2015 we can see how it all changed. You decide which one you like!


Franco - Glasgow wedding band

Reasons to hire live wedding musicians

Nothing adds to the excitement and merry making in a wedding ceremony like a live performance does. A live music band will make the audience excited and not only that, but it also creates unforgettable moments.

Live musicians have a natural skill for energising audiences with their electric performances. They can create an enjoyable energy-filled happy mood that makes weddings lively. Live musicians also engage wedding crowds and bring a party-feel to a wedding reception.

Franco - Glasgow wedding band

Photo credit: Franco, a Glasgow wedding band

Wedding bands can produce a customised performance made to suit a specific wedding. They can modify or play a song written specifically for a couple. Through customised performances, live musicians can make a wedding day extra special with that unique song that will make a couple cherish their day even more.

The trend of live wedding bands is being embraced by couples in Scotland. Wedding bands in Scotland are fast becoming the entertainment choice for guests in weddings. The entertainment needs of wedding guests are unpredictable, and it is for this reason that couples are opting to entertain their guests using live wedding bands.

DJs pre-plan their songs in a list, but live musicians perform in accordance to a wedding atmosphere. It is for this reason that live musicians are effective in electrifying their audiences compared to DJs.
Space is no longer a concern when hiring live musicians. Technology advances have enabled more compact setups and thus live bands can perform in smaller venues.

For electrifying, energetic and much memorable wedding moments, live wedding bands are the way to go. They no doubt bring the much-needed liveliness factor needed at wedding ceremonies.