You spend months (sometimes years) planning your wedding day, the most important day of your life no matter what age you are when you get married. If the thought of having your guests pull out a cell phone or tablet during your wedding doesn’t sit right with you, then you may want to consider having an unplugged wedding.

To ensure that your wishes are met, you will need to ask everyone on your guest list that mobile devices need to be left home. If your wedding guests have to bring their mobile phones then be sure that they are aware of the fact that you don’t want them to use it throughout the day. Ideally, this is information that should be included in your wedding invitations.

You are paying your wedding photographer anyway

One good reason to have an unplugged wedding is to avoid your guests interfering with your photographer. Guests can often inadvertently ruin a shot your wedding photographer is trying to get by taking their own at the same time and blocking the photographers view.

Chances are that your guests will be more willing to refrain from taking their own photos if you make them aware that they will have easy access to the photos your professional photographer takes. Many wedding photographers can get at least some of your photos to you within a few days of your wedding so that you can share them with those who were present, as soon as possible.

Hire a photo booth

A fun way to get your guests to cooperate with the unplugged rule is to rent a photobooth for your wedding reception. This can be set up at your venue and allows your guests to take pictures without interfering with the flow of the day. Photobooths can be a fun way to bring together guests that may not have met prior to your wedding.

Be there!

Are your guests really ‘there’ during the important moments of you saying ‘I do’? Are they paying more attention to what is being said or are they trying to share a picture of you they had just taken on Facebook?

However, some couples choose to ban phones from their wedding ceremony but still allow them at the wedding reception. If this is an idea that interests you, your guests may be more likely to cooperate during the ceremony knowing they can take pictures during the reception.

Your wedding day should be everything you want it to be. Don’t be afraid to stick to your plan and consider designating someone in your wedding party to keep an eye on the guests and make sure they respect your wishes.