You will no doubt have questions to answer about choosing music for your ceremony. How many songs do I need? Can I have a live musician in my venue? What mood do I want to set? Music sets a wonderful atmosphere for you and your guests and choosing the right songs will have you remembering your ceremony with happiness for years to come.

Choosing Music For Your Wedding Ceremony

From Walking Down The Aisle To The Exit Of The Happy Couple

By Fiona King Wedding Pianist

Live or recorded music?

There are two options when it comes to music for your ceremony – recorded or live music. Do check with your venue to see if there are any restrictions on either format, or on any particular song choices, especially if you are in a house of worship. By playing recorded music you will save money by not hiring a live musician. You have a wide range of songs to choose from and there can be plenty of variety in your choices. By having a live musician playing for your ceremony, a more intimate atmosphere can be set, and your guests can enjoy being entertained by a live performer.

How many songs do I need?

No matter your choice of music provision you will have to decide upon a number of songs for the different parts of the ceremony. Couples often come to me with a problem – they want more modern songs, but some family members are pushing for traditional versions. There is a way for everyone to be happy as there are usually about five songs needed for the ceremony. Let us find out what they are and some tips for choosing them.

The entrance of the bride

The first song you will need to choose is to be played during the entrance of the bride. This is a really special song and should be something that is important to you both, but especially to the bride. It should be a steady paced song, not too fast as you will be coming down the aisle at a steady speed. Couples often choose a love song or a song that is special to them at this point. Examples of entry songs I have played recently are ‘Your Song’ by Elton John, ‘A Thousand Years’ by Christina Perry, and ‘Everything I Do I Do It For You’ by Bryan Adams.

The signing of the register

The next part of the ceremony you need to choose music for is during the signing of the register. This section takes surprisingly longer than expected, especially when people are getting up to take photographs, so I would suggest choosing 3-4 songs to be played during this section. This is where you can think about your guests’ preferences a little more. You could choose a quiet classical piece, which will please the more traditional listeners at your ceremony. You could choose a song from a musical, such as ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight?’ from The Lion King. You want to choose a song that is calming but that people can recognise the tune to, such as Ellie Goulding’s ‘How Long Will I Love You’. You may even want to choose two songs mashed together, such as Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’ with Pachelbel’s ‘Canon in D’.

The exit of the married couple

The final piece to choose is the song for the exit of the newly married couple. Couples here usually choose something a bit more upbeat, a party song that will celebrate the marriage and get the guests in the mood for the celebrations ahead. Examples of recent songs I have played have been ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ by Van Morrison and ‘Marry You’ by Bruno Mars. It is up to you and your partner to find a song that uplifts you and celebrates your love for each other in a happy, lively way.

A final note on choosing music

Whether you are choosing the music just the two of you, or you have input from family members, it is important to remember that music sets an ambience and will have long lasting memories from your special day. Go with songs that speak to your heart or have a special connection. Whenever you hear these songs in the future, you will remember your wedding day with nostalgia and joy.

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