If your business is severely restricted due the current health pandemic, now is the perfect time to innovate and grow.

7 Important Questions to navigate the temporary Coronavirus contact restrictions and maintain mental, emotional and commercial resilience.

When life suddenly turns upside down and your wedding business as you know it is “suspended”, how can you choose to turn it into a positive?

Managing your mind is the key.

Accessing your creativity is the next step.

The Wedding Industry, is based around relationships to add the “magic”; so how can you “proof” your business and keep going when many of the required in-person activities are curtailed?

Build yourself a new income stream, related to weddings, that you run 100% online.

Some are calling what we’re experiencing a major “Piviot Point” which will radically influence how we do things in the future, because many, many businesses are finding themselves financially exposed without a Plan B.

The truth is, everything is solvable. How you manage your mind is fundamental.

There is always a solution.

What matters MOST in the midst of this experience is that you activate calm resilience and recognise your SELF as the most important source of creativity and solution to any situation you find yourself in. Trust yourself that you have personal power and resilience to weather ANY storm.

DECIDE that you will not worry, but you will trust that you have within you a source of ideas waiting to help you “pivot” and take positive action steps to help you move forward.

Personally, I live by the saying “You are never given any situation that you can’t handle” and where that leads me is always to these questions:

  1. What do I need to handle right now, or prioritise, so that I can map out immediate next steps?
  2. How creative can I be to come up with ideas and new ways that will help me move forward?
  3. How many ways do I have in place to add value, help someone else and make a real difference, for which I can be paid?
  4. What do I need to see that I have not yet seen, that will enable me to move forward?
  5. Who can I help today?
  6. Who do I need to BE to move through this with ease?
  7. How willing am I to be flexible, adaptable and versatile to consider new things or new approaches?

Make a meeting with yourself and your notebook and answer the questions for yourself, today.

Finally, what is your level of personal mastery?

The ability to remain calm, centred and think straight no matter what is going on around you will support you through hard moments.

These are the practised skills of the entrepreneur who knows that success in business and revenue generation is inextricably linked to progressive personal development.

Now is the perfect time to do three things:

  1. Choose that you will make peace with what is, and commit to take new actions whilst in isolation – exploring “virtual” online possibilities.
  2. Explore synergistic income streams that can be managed 100% online so that you have more than one income stream.
  3. Connect with new people and build relationships that can open new opportunities for you, so that you are ready to go, as soon as the time comes.

Without sounding trite, there is a silver lining for you in the “business pause” we are experiencing.

You are endlessly creative and right now is the moment to dig into the deep wells of your imagination and discover who else can you serve, and how.

If you would like an additional online revenue stream that will compliment your existing Wedding Business, please enquire with Dawn at dawn@dawngrossart.com

Equally, if you know that personal and, or business support to navigate this unusual time will be helpful, contact Dawn for further details.

Dawn Grossart