For soon to be Brides in Yorkshire, and with such a large selection of wedding cars and other transport types available in the area it can be difficult to know what kind of vehicle to choose, and which option will work best for your wedding.

However, deciding on your wedding transport doesn’t have to be stressful or difficult, if you choose a professional company which has been long established over many years they’ll have all the knowledge and more importantly the experience to help guide you in your planning, resulting in the perfect wedding transport for a perfect day.

The best recommendation of a business is from a friend or family member that has used the services before. A company that has hundreds of five star reviews and perhaps has not been in business that long should start alarm bells ringing, reviews although a good thing should not always be the first consideration as they can sometimes be misleading and sometimes fake, however any business that has been around for many, many years must be doing something right otherwise they would not be in business, so always read between the lines and the number one piece of advice is go with your instinct.

When you’ve decided which company to go with you can then decide on which of their vehicles will best suit your theme. Even if you’re holding the wedding ceremony and reception in one place, you’ll still want transport to initially get there. You then have to consider how many people are travelling, is it in winter or summer, do you require a car with air conditioning or a bracing convertible. If you’re having a church wedding with the reception elsewhere, the transfer time needs to be taken into consideration, along with how many trips between the destinations are needed to take the Happy Couple, Bridesmaids, Mother of the Bride and so on, so do explain this to the carriage company prior to making your final choice.

If colour is important then you need to ensure the dress does not get lost in the colour of the car, for example a white car and white wedding dress sounds great but if the white car is whiter than the dress could it make the dress look greyish. Good photographers are great in solving this problem for exterior shots though, they will always have the Groom next to the car with the Bride next to the Groom resulting in dress and car not next to each other thereby creating a perfect contrast. Whether you’re having a traditional, modern, or themed wedding you’ll want the vehicles to blend with your theme. Two-tone coloured vehicles, that fit in with your overall colour scheme are a good option and will afford you a larger choice of vehicles. You could even use a traditional white or silver vehicle but bring in the colour of your wedding theme in the ribbons and bows.

Wedding car outside a Yorkshire wedding venue

Wedding gowns will vary. Some can be pencil style and simple, others may be hiding additional layers and a variety of hoops. The fullness of your dress will help decided which car is right for you. The rear seats in some cars may not give your dress the space it needs as every Bride wishes to arrive at their destination looking fresh and crease free. If you’re opting for a fuller style gown you’ll need either a modern long wheelbase style vehicle or even a limousine, some vehicles from the vintage era will provide a wealth of space as the passengers in those days used to travel in spacious cabins while their chauffeur was squashed in to the small cabin at the front.

To avoid upset on your big day do take the time to go and see the car prior to your wedding, so you can see how easy or not it is to get in an out off. A professional wedding car provider will be more than happy to arrange a viewing for you.

A two-seater convertible may be your dream wedding car, but it’s no good, if you’re opting for just the one wedding car and are looking to have four bridesmaids in your wedding party, and where will the poor old groom sit as their will only be one seat for passengers as the other is taken by the chauffeur. If you want to make one trip only then perhaps a limousine style vehicle would be more practical. Alternatively, you could hire more than one vehicle, in which case look for a company that can provide two matching or reasonably similar cars. Another possibility is to choose an elegant wedding car for the happy couple with simpler style cars for the rest of the wedding party.

Make sure you ask what items are included and what are additional, always check the terms and conditions as these are there to protect you. A good company will have a very comprehensive set of terms and conditions on their website for you to see.

Finally make sure you consider purchasing a low-cost wedding insurance policy before you book any part of your wedding as this will cover you from day one, not just on the day itself. You will be surprised how cheap these policies are and how much they cover.

Lastly, book the vehicle as soon as you know it’s the car for you, because if you like it, others will too.

To help you with your Yorkshire wedding car hire planning visit Premier Carriage Wedding Cars website or call 01924 693 684.