Embroidered patches have existed for over one thousand years, but during the early ages, they were simply threading stitched embellishments fitted on clothing. Most recently, people have revived their popularity. Today the personalised embroidered wedding patches are more popular. Therefore, The wedding designs mostly reflect on the positive empowerment themes and popular culture.

When planning your wedding, the personalised embroidered patches should help you customise your wedding. The customisation allows you to use as many elements as possible to make unique gifts for the couple. The market also provides a wide variety of projects and patterns that will definitely bring joy.

Nothing will be more personal than beautifully custom embroidered patches. You can try a few ideas like an addition to the wedding dresses by stitching little blue bows inside the dress lining or some complex ideas like the use of small swatch from the groom’s outfit or wedding dress to make fantastic artwork in the wedding venue.

Stunningly beautiful hand-stitched stationery for your wedding, signs for the reception, table names and the traditional horseshoes in delightful ways will make a difference. For great results, use quality fabric in the creations.

Embroidered love patches

Types of wedding embroidery patches

Here are the two most common embroidery patches that you can try out.

  • Leather patches

The leather is a higher quality option for the custom patches. You can print the leather patches with your preferable choice or emboss it. The market provides a wide range of leather colours to match your wedding needs. You will also get a perfect custom patch for your wedding.

  • Merrow border or overlock stitch

Merrowed border or overlock stitch is among the modest forms of borders that you will find on patches of every type. The designer will start by offering you a variety of choices so that you can decide on what you need for your wedding. You will get the custom design you choose for your wedding embroidery patches.


Wedding embroidered patches are more common today than woven or printed badges. Even though the perfectly edged pieces are in vogue, the design of custom patches is rewarding, easy and fun to produce with an embroidery machine. With custom designs, you will be able to impress your guests or make the perfect gift for the newly wedded couple. There are many ideas to try during the, and whichever the approach you decide to take, the end product is always appealing.

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Embroidered wedding patches


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