Horseshoe Farm Weddings & Events

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Horseshoe Farm, Long Marston, York, North Yorkshire, YO26 7NH

Horseshoe House and Farm, in the heart of Gods own County (that’s Yorkshire for the uninitiated) was once the home of herds of happy cattle, pampered horses and some very plucky chickens. Not long ago the cattle sheds were lovingly restored to create the farmhouse and adjoining wedding parlour for our couples to spend their first night of matrimonial bliss (and usually inebriation) in rural luxury. The horses have now bolted and the stables have been re-vamped to house our quirky and fully stocked bar (they weren’t very good at pulling pints anyway). The rest of the farm land has been pampered and pruned to create the perfect back drop for your idyllic farm wedding – we’ve even cut the grass on our 6 acre marquee/tipi and camping field so that your guests can party until the small hours or flop beneath the stars.

Weddings are what we do best. What we promise is a stress-free, relaxed wedding environment where both you and your guests can enjoy our warm Yorkshire hospitality and a rural playground in which to roam free and most of all celebrate your special day. We have a handy list of our favourite wedding suppliers, but we’re flexible for you to work with who you choose.

p.s We’re called Horseshoe Farm for a reason. Dotted about the farm you will find hidden horseshoes in all shapes and sizes. Look around the farm and if you find them all, you will be rewarded with an eternity of good luck (and a lollypop!)

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